No Name Amateur Dramatics Association


After four successful summer pantos, all set in the 21st century but keeping the theme and storyline of the traditional tales, and the enjoyment, confidence and personal development they've given the cast, we've set up a new drama group called No Name Amateur Dramatics Association, so called as the aim of the group is to put on around 3 shows per year which will raise money for the YMCA and the Wallich, both charities who work with our city's homeless who are often ignored and faceless.  

We are holding a launch event on Monday 3 September in the Wallich and will be then running fortnightly workshops around drama, sound & lighting, music, writing etc.  The group is open to anyone over 18 and is designed to be fun and light hearted.  Further information is available by contacting Martin on 07505 124980 or email