Full Length Plays in English

ANOTHER CHILD’S CHRISTMAS IN WALES by Lynn Elliott and William Johnson
Take a large assortment of Rabelaisian characters, give them shape and language filled with charming and humorous “Wenglish” dialogue. Add a healthy dose of joy found in the large family gatherings of the past, stir in the inevitable sorrow with the realisation that “all good things must come to an end” – and you have an exuberant yet poignant story. Christmas Play. Cast: Ensemble £9.50

BEAUTY by Lesley Ross
Beauty tells the story of a young woman suffering from the eating disorder Bulimia Nervosa. The disease has a most damaging effect on the sufferer and family and this is well demonstrated in this excellent piece of writing. ‘Beauty’ is written with great insight and compassion and was very well received when it was performed at the Edinburgh Festival. ‘A strong cast make few concessions in this uncompromising play.’ The Independent – The Best of the Edinburgh Festival. ‘Excellent.’ The Scotsman ‘Brilliant.’ Play. Cast: M2 F5 £7.00

JELLY BABIES by Miriam Llywelyn

A very touching and human story of a family sharing the responsibility of looking after Ted, the once proud head of the household who has suffered ill health and is in a condition where he needs constant attention. The arrival of Kate, the older daughter makes each one of the family take a good, long look at their situation within the Griffith household. A moving and often funny story with a warmth that will ensure a production of great depth. Play. Cast: M3 F3 £9.50 

THE KING’S HOSTAGE by Diana Griffiths
In 1298 a 16 year old novice at Sempringham Priory, East Anglia known to everyone as ‘Wencilian’, is about to take Holy Orders. She has lived at the Priory nearly all her life and knows nothing of the world outside. During the war between England and Scotland, the priory admits a group of ‘King’s hostages’ whose families are known to be Scottish sympathisers. Amongst these is Blanche, also 16. It is through Wencilian’s subsequent illicit friendship with Blanche that she comes to understand the nature of her own passion for Aleric, the Lay Brother, and discovers the secret of her identity: she is Gwenllian, the only child of Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd and Elinor de Montfort. Finally, she must confront the fact that she too is a hostage to King Edward I – and a person of the highest political importance in England and Wales. Historic Drama. Cast: M3 F4 £7.00



Updated September 2022

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