Regional Area Rounds

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Each year the national amateur theatre organisations of the four United Kingdom countries promote a series of one-act play festivals. Local festivals lead selected productions to a national festival in each country, from which one production is selected to represent its country at the British Final Festival.  Area festivals are held in various parts of Wales from February to May and the six highest marked productions are selected to appear at the Wales Final Festival of One-Act Plays.

Rules for the Wales Final Festival can be found here (PDF 184KB) 

The festivals provide an opportunity for amateur companies to appear in new and varying venues before widely differing audiences; to receive constructive criticism from a qualified adjudicator, and to compare the standard of their own work with that of the other companies taking part. For audiences, the public adjudication of performances offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of theatre.


Regional Area Rounds 2019

Adjudicator: Nick Wilkes GoDA Assoc.

Conwy Drama Association Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

‚Äč29-30th March 2019

Clwyd Community Theatre Association Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

4-6th April 2019

South Breconshire Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

12th April 2019

Montgomeryshire Community Drama Association Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

25-27th April 2019

Glamorgan Drama League Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

2-4th May 2019

Gwent Drama Association Festival of One-Act Plays 2019


Wales Final Festival of One-Act Plays 2019

7-8th June 2019

Adjudicator: David Price GoDA


Regional Area Round Winners

Winners of past Regional Area Rounds available below; N.B. This is under constuction, if you have any further information or spare programmes then please get in touch


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Further information on the Regional Associations can be found here


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