Replica Watches certified by Rolex dealers

Starting today, Thursday, fake Rolex will also issue certificates of authenticity and guarantees for pre-owned watches. However, only Rolex dealers can certify their replica watches. The move is aimed at channeling second-hand sales into mainstream channels.

The pre-owned watch market is growing fast, becoming a brand-recognized and profitable segment that is hard to ignore. According to consulting firm Deloitte, the second-hand watch market is growing steadily and is currently worth around 20 billion Swiss francs. The market has huge potential to grow, reaching CHF 35 billion by 2030.

With such a large industry segment, the pre-owned watch market needs to be brought under control somehow fake rolex, and now is the time for top watch brands and retailers to step in. The original goal was to control the market, stay safe, and grab a piece of the giant ice cream phone called CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) — a term familiar to the auto and electric industry.

A number of big-name brands and retailers have announced similar plans, but with the world's largest watch brand stepping in, the overall picture will take on a whole new dimension.

The market for pre-owned watches is huge and shows quite amazing growth potential. Of course, the situation is far from perfect, and agencies vary from local private shops selling vintage, pre-owned replica watches, to large retailers offering Swiss replica watches with certifications and warranties, and eventually watch brands themselves start offering pre-owned replica watches. Watches like FP Journe, Richard Mille, MB&F or De Bethune.

In order to reassure potential customers and control some of this market, replica watches, like car manufacturers, decided to create CPO schemes, which can be roughly understood as certificates of authenticity for pre-owned products. No stranger to the automotive industry, such as Porsche Approval or Ferrari Approval, it has started to spread throughout the watch industry in the past few years.